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Software Solutions


At i.s. Works we work closely with our partners to provide tailored software for your company's engineering design and analysis needs, project management needs and asset management needs.

From structural analysis and architectural design software for bridges, roads and buildings; to GIS, mapping software and land development software; to utility design software; under Bentley systems.  Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Service Management and IT Asset Management applications which are used to operate, maintain and dispose of enterprise assets under IBM's Maximo. Software for planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling your resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals and plans in scientific or daily problems under Oracle's Primavera .

Contact us with your detailed requirements so that we can propose a fitting solution to your needs.






At i.s.Works we undertake implementation of your engineering software solution together with your users and managers so that your system is implemented according to your priorities and business requirements, and gives you opportunities to control the outcome.  Your users and managers are more likely to react positively to the many changes occurring in your workplace.  At i.s.Works we recognise that by incorporating your users’ and managers’ knowledge and our expertise, this leads to improved solutions for your business.


i.s.Works (formerly Intelligraph) established itself in Cyprus in 1991 and has been working in Cyprus and the surrounding region as a Bentley Partner for Bentley software since 1991, a Primavera Partner for Primavera software since 1993, and an MRO Partner for Maximo software since 2000.  In 2008 Oracle acquired Primavera and IBM acquired MRO, and I.S. Works has been both an Oracle Partner and IBM Partner ever since.


To date we have a large number of active  customers, and with our extensive knowledge for the full range of  Bentley, Oracle Primavera and IBM Maximo software we have installed and implemented software to a large number of sites and trained  a great number of professionals  in Cyprus and the surrounding region.


Our implementations of Bentley software range from single seats through medium sized server/client installations of various engineering software to large centralised server/client installations of Bentley Projectwise wherein a shared environment is utilized in real time by multiple users of Bentley MicroStation and other software.


Our implementations of Oracle Primavera are server/client installations wherein a shared environment is utilized in real time by multiple users of the Oracle Primavera software via a desktop based user interface, and in the more recent versions, also a web based user interface.


Our implementations of IBM Maximo are also server/client installations wherein a shared environment is utilized in real time by multiple users of the IBM Maximo software, the latest versions of which, is via a web based user interface.


What distinguishes i.s. Works from other software companies, is our wide experience in bringing together our strong technical knowledge in  Project Management, Asset Management, Document Management and CAD/Digital Mapping/GIS/Road Design Engineering, thus offering highly optimised solutions within interrelated product ranges (such as geospatioally enabled Project Information Management Solutions) rather than off-the-shelf software packages to our customers

At i.s.Works we always strive to work closely with our customers so that all installations/implementations, trainings, support and additional services are of the highest and advanced standards, as if we are part of each of our customer’s organization.  Our training classes, rather than being standard, are always solutions based, tailored to meet the exact needs of each of our customers.


We are committed to helping our clients achieve the skills and expertise to take their careers to the next level. The i.s. Works training centre offers professional training courses at our head office training facilities or on site, in Cyprus or abroad. We provide training courses in Project Management (Primavera), Asset Management (MAXIMO), in Architecture and Engineering (Bentley) etc.


If you are interested in what i.s.Works can offer you, please send us your detailed requirements, so that we may propose our solutions fitting your exact needs.  We would welcome any involvement at this stage, in order to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little bit better, before you decide to extend any further business opportunities to ourselves, should you so wish at any time in the future

Support and Maintenance

At i.s.Works we protect your investment in software by providing a complete package of support. In conjunction with our partners (IBM, Oracle and Bentley) we provide local support, expert’s support, software updates and upgrades. Investigate our support & maintenance subscriptions and feel free to contact us for more information.


ISW Annual Support Subscription


ISW support is our I.S. Works Ltd local support - in addition and/or independently to our partners offerings - which includes the following:


Unlimited telephone and e-mail support.

2 hours consultation at our office

Priority for solving  problems. Priority is also given to site visits if the problem cannot be solved otherwise. Site visits are chargeable at standard service rate shown in our quotation.


Bentley’s SELECT Subscription


Bentley’s SELECT Subscription is Bentley Systems' maintenance and support contract. Bentley SELECT provides organizations with comprehensive investment protection for their Bentley engineering software, their teams of people, and the information created. Explore the exclusive offerings of Bentley SELECT.


Continuous product development and updates

Pooled and Trust Licensing

Help Desk

BE Conference registration

Additional software to extend the enterprise

Annual License Exchange (conditions apply)

ProjectWise user subscription

Two On Demand eLearning courses

SELECT membership in the Bentley Developer Network



Oracle’s Software Update License & Support Subscription


You made an investment in Oracle software to make your business more efficient, cost-effective, risk-resistant, and competitive. Software Updates License & Support provides customers with the right to product upgrades and 24×7 technical support, and is available for five years from the release date of the product. Product upgrades includes upgraded versions of software, maintenance releases and patches. Customers receive direct access to Oracle experts for product-specific questions about installing and operating Oracle software. Web based support is also provided via OracleMetaLink, which includes features such as proactive notifications, customized home pages, technical libraries and forums, product life-cycle information, a bug database, and the ability to log technical assistance requests.



IBM’s  Software Subscription and Support


Include renewable Software Subscription and Support that complements your IBM software purchases. It includes both Product Upgrades and Technical Support, and fosters successful software deployments. With Product Upgrades, you get complete upgrade and cross-platform migration coverage for most commercially available IBM-distributed software.


Software Subscription and Support:


It’s the most cost-effective way for your business to ensure that its users have readily available the latest technology of the most-current releases. This helps increase and maintain the highest levels of productivity. It lowers your cost of acquiring new releases by providing authorization to use all new releases and versions of offering products while still under software subscription and support.

You can upgrade at your leisure, conveniently downloading new software from the Web. Although Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express give you the option to upgrade, it is never required. You choose the best time to upgrade based on your business needs.

You can protect your on demand business investments. Software Subscription and Support provides free access to the latest releases of IBM software, eliminating the cost of acquiring new licenses and enabling your organization to budget accordingly.

Technical Support includes the following features:


24×7 access to a variety of IBM technical resources in “Severity 1” situations. You determine whether the problem is critical to your organization and if you want it to be classified as a “Severity 1.”

Access to usage- and code-related voice support.

No limits on the number of designated IT technical staff that can contact Technical Support for help.

Access to the IBM Software Support Web site at; enhanced self-help, navigation and advanced search capabilities for Technical Support (24×7), including a worldwide problem-submission Web site for IBM-distributed software (Service Request tool).

Engineering Works

To ensure accuracy and high quality in our work our engineering team uses the best in the market software application design for each specific discipline. The following are the services we can provide.


Civil Engineering Works


• Complete road design.

• Complete haul road design.

• Complete sewerage and drainage design.

• Sewerage and drainage modelling and drawing production.

• Surface modelling (DTM – digital terrain models)

• Calculation of volumes of earthworks.

• Calculation and production of cross-sections of roads under construction.


Hydrological Works


• Stormwater Hydrology Analysis & Design for bridge and drainage system sizing.


Architectural Works


• Creation of 3D models.

• Photorealistic renderings of 3D models

• Animation walkthroughs.

• 2D drawing drafting.


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